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You must have a paid Workplace and Webex Meetings host account to use this feature. If you don’t have an account, you can go to SUBSCRIBE to sign up for an account for you or your company. You will also complete the registration form to get the Video Streaming Link API Access. We will work with you to provision your account.

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Video Stream Link API’s Available Choices are Live Stream – For Everyone, Unlisted Video Streaming Under 18 Years Old, Private Video Streaming Under 18 Years Old. Complete Contact Form For Unlisted Video Stream Over 18 Years Old, Private Video Stream Over 18 Years Old.

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Sun Transit Foundation Inc. work with local communities as a catalyst for positive changes that will improve the health of the communities we serve. With a focus on Pandemic healthcare-related issues, we create a healthy community by developing and implementing new technology tools and scientific strategies to create a platform for disaster communication and healthcare service innovation. When applied our tools and strategies reduces the economic burden of Pandemic healthcare-related issues through the delivery of innovative health education, clinical products development services and healthcare services. We also provide disaster mitigation education and notification through the DisasterAPP before, during, and after emergencies. We seek to build strategic relationships through charity partnerships and promote policies that advance our work. Donate now to create a healthy community or Subscribe to Video Communication Link API or Webex Meeting to get the live video stream link of your choice(Private, Unlisted, or Public Publishing). Live stream the following events  on your favorite social media now: