Sun Transit Foundation provides disaster communication tools, and innovative healthcare and wellness programs. Host Local & International WebEx meetings from your desktop or mobile devices with the Hybrid Cisco Webex portal. Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Project Workplace are enabled for business continuity or routine work purpose. You can meet anywhere, any time under any conditions. For the ultimate in private meetings, SUBSCRIBE  to the “Finance Now App” with WebEx Meeting and get 30 Day Free Trial. Get GROUP WORKPLACE for an improved business continuity strategy. Click to see the benefits of using Webex + Group Workplace + “Finance Now” DisasterAPP(for everyday work and disaster recovery situations). Click here for Hotel Accommodations You must have a paid Workplace and Webex Meetings host account to use the features together. If you don’t have an account, you can go to SUBSCRIBE to sign up for an account for you or your company. You will also get to  DONATE NOW to your favorite non-profit.

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Sun Transit Foundation Inc. works with local communities as a catalyst for positive changes that will improve the health of the communities we serve. With a focus on post Pandemic healthcare-related issues. We create a healthy community by developing and implementing new technology tools and scientific strategies to create a platform for disaster communication and healthcare service innovation. When applied our tools and strategies reduces the economic burden of Pandemic healthcare-related issues through the delivery of innovative health education, clinical product development services, and healthcare services. Health care in our community is of utmost importance as it relates to physical, and mental health. We seek to provide and facilitate access to objective, accurate, and non-judgmental information about plants, chemicals, technologies, and related issues that affect the mind, body, and our society. Diseases and disorders affect our community and we seek and provide information about cures for particular diseases and disorders and promote particular medical disciplines by providing direct services, advocating for public understanding and support, and supporting targeted medical research. The coronavirus pandemic has created a new healthcare issue for the community, with post-coronavirus infection reactions that are only in the beginning phase of understanding. We’ve created an avenue for this area of health care service. Both in understanding post-coronavirus infection response and the related healthcare insurance strategies surrounding it. We provide research in this area to anticipate future healthcare development issues surrounding post-coronavirus infection health response. We are currently a leading source for providing communication channels for disaster response, education, and mitigation to the public. Through our “Finance Now APP”, the public is able to get information from trusted sources to make their plans for these disaster-related issues. We seek to continue the mission by securing funding for education and scale-up of disaster response, and mitigation efforts prior to and after a disaster. Disaster information is provided through the DisasterAPP before, during, and after emergencies. Click here for Hotel Accommodations. We seek to build strategic relationships through community partnerships and promote policies that advance our work. DONATE NOW to create a healthy community.  CLICK HERE FOR HEALTHCARE FRANCHISE INFORMATION